Own Your Lead Pipeline & Grow Your Business

Lead Scout gives your sales team targeted homeowner lists and the tools to qualify them while backing all their efforts with automated direct mail.

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We enable lead generation for dozens of partners

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Poor quality leads
Pay for leads you lose
Time intensive
Wasted sales efforts
Lack of Control

The usual lead gen tactics just don't work anymore

Traditional paid leads and traditional shotgun marketing approaches result in poor-quality leads and lack of control.


If you aren't using targeted and automated lead generation tactics, you're spending lots of money on unwinnable leads.

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Lead Scout automates the hard parts

Our tools keep your sales team organized and your marketing automated so you can spend more time doing the important on-the-job work.

Automate your mail marketing

Campaigns automatically send to the right people, on time, every time. Sit back, relax, and never miss a brand touchpoint again.

Measure mail response rates

Track mail response rates reporting on calls, SMS texts, QR code scans, and web forms submissions.

Partner programs

We work directly with your distributors and manufacturers to provide specialized programs. Ask us about our partners!

Increase your job win rate

Enjoy better, referral-grade leads from a source that you own and avoid the “race to the bottom” lead competition. 

Improve sales 

Built-in sales rep assignment and tracking  builds accountability and increases close rates!

Integrate with your data

Use existing data from your CRM or other systems to trigger campaigns
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How Do We
Automate Lead Gen?

Our tools keep your sales team organized and your marketing automated so you can spend more time doing jobsite work.
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Generate focused homeowner lists

Quickly generate lists of owner-occupied homes around jobsites, within storm areas and hot neighborhoods, or from leads gone cold.

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Build impressions with Direct Mail

Warm up prospects with automated direct mail and constant brand impressions over multiple weeks.

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Use the Guided Sales App to Follow Up

Sales reps get daily to-dos and can easily follow up and qualify prospects.

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Team Visibility and Instant Lead Alerts

Get full visibility into your sales team’s activity and instant notifications whenever leads pop up.

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Ready to get automated?