Faster, Smarter Canvassing

Symptom-Specific Tagging

When you see a customer that needs your service, in seconds pin & tag

123 Scout Lane

Tagged Missing Shingles

Customize the Symptom-Tags to your business 

You know it when you see it.

We believe the power is in the data. Customize and prioritize the tags to the symptoms or reasons needing your business.

Virtual Canvassing

Turn your car into a traveling marketing machine

Whether you are walking, running, or driving, we have made it easy for you to tag homes when you see opportunity.

Stand out from the crowd

Go big or go home

LeadScout Jumbo Size


Most print shops 3x5 size

Get started with smarter print and boost your leads.

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Canvassing Status

Update the status of the lead-opportunity and view marketing activity.

Other features:

  • Marketing Activity

  • When the customer was tagged

  • Whom it was tagged by

  • Customer data provided by Lead Scout

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Lead Scout is dedicated to helping you map every home in your market that actually needs your services and focus your marketing spend just on those homes.

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