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New Lead Generation Trends in 2023 That Will Keep You ahead of The Competition

As a home improvement contractor, you need to stay up-to-date with the latest lead generation strategies in order to remain competitive, differentiate yourself, and attract new leads.

In 2023, the best home improvement contractors will utilize these hot, new lead generation strategies to rise above and differentiate themselves from the pack, on top of all of the fundamental lead generation tactics they already use.

Short on time? Watch this video... Otherwise keep scrolling for the good stuff.

Leveraging AI content to get leads organically

Tools like ChatGPT, Jasper, Synthesia, and Captions AI took the world by storm in late 2022, bringing AI generated content to the masses in easy to use (and even free in some cases) consumer-focused software.

In 2023, the savvy home improvement contractors will use these tools to up their content game on social platforms and beyond, gaining even more organic reach within their local areas.

Synthesia App

These AI tools by themselves won't solve all your content problems. No. These tools won't do much for the lazy home improvement contractor. The winners will be the contractors that apply these tools strategically to 4x their efficiency.

I personally use ChatGPT and Jasper to combat writer's block, to generate interesting blog or video script ideas (yes I even used them a bit on this post), and to generate first draft social media content descriptions and metadata tags.

I use Captions AI to intelligently trim dead space out of my videos, apply captions over my talking, and occasionally to generate script ideas that I can riff off of using their baked in AI script generator. If you're an iOS user, you can also use the Clips app made by Apple themselves to do much of the same.

Synthesia is a great tool for things like informational content, especially across multiple languages. I'd recommend using it to create a library of professional, helpful, multilingual informational and educational content for your staff or for homeowners.

A major caveat to AI Content

I have never once published any content without a thorough vetting and editorial review to make the content unique to my goals. In order to effectively use these tools, you simply have to layer in your own unique business value – without exception.

Watch David Meltzer talk about the need to personalize the AI content below:

If you don't start leveraging these tools for your business in 2023, you'll find that contractors who are using them will be producing content 4x faster than you, and drowning you out everywhere you look.

Making your project work even more public

Popular home improvement industry tools like CompanyCam, GetTheReferral and ProjectMapIt are even more heavily immersing themselves in the project lifecycle, with features to help you share photos and project updates with the customers you're working with.

These companies will continue to build value into the project experience, and you can leverage these to turn existing customer relationships into rich sources of new, quality leads by making sure these the project work is getting publicized.

Embed your CompanyCam photos, or your ProjectMapIt map, in your lead capture landing pages (we recommend BluePages.Pro if you don't have a landing page provider) to publicize the real work you're doing in the local area.

This gets prospective customers excited about those copper gutters you just installed across town, the new kitchen renovation you did next door, or that cool full-circuit geothermal + solar + battery storage + heat pump + sauna and hot tub setup your HVAC company just finished.

Surfacing project photos and videos, and specifics about each job, will be a powerful tool for you to gain more leads in 2023. If you need help with content, hit us up - we have a lot of connections that do work in the home improvement space (like Presto Media, Hook Agency, and Ascend Digital, among a few).

Creating opportunity around each appointment

With an uncertain economic climate, door knocking and canvassing is coming back with a vengeance. Not every contractor needs to be the next Sam Taggert, but in 2023 every sales rep does need to adjust how they run appointments to incorporate new business development into their daily flow.

The days of taking that extra time after each appointment to go grab a Wendy's frosty are gone.

In 2023, sales reps need to maximize every minute. And the contractors who will grow will be the ones who take 12 extra minutes after every appointment to scout a few new prospects around that appointment.

Here's the playbook:

  1. After you run a lead appointment, or visit a jobsite, walk over to the closest 6-10 homes that appear to need your services.

  2. At the very least, leave a door hanger, sticky note or card in their mailbox. If you're feeling strong, knock the door and introduce yourself.

You may be thinking, "I hate door knocking." Well guess what, this approach is way easier than door knocking. Let's call it "Scouting", and let me show you why:

  • You usually have to go out of your way to door knock – carve out a large separate time block in your calendar and drive somewhere to begin. But with Scouting, you're already in the neighborhood running a lead or visiting a jobsite.

  • Door knocking is often a cold knock process – but with Scouting, you can keep things casual because you're already doing some level of sales or work in the neighborhood. You can use a script like this:

"Hey, I was just next door - they're (looking at) getting a new patio installed, and I just wanted to swing by and give you my info just in case you need anything or have any projects in mind. Don't hesitate to call or text!"
  • With traditional canvassing, you're usually tackling hundreds if not thousands of homes. It's truly a lifestyle that often times conflicts with most sales reps personal approach. With Scouting, anyone can do it, and anyone can fit it into their personal approach. It's truly the easy way to canvass, or as I like to say: the "Anti-canvasser's canvassing."

How to track "Scouting" progress

You can easily automate the creation of the each prospect list around every lead appointment by connecting your ServiceTitan, JobProgress, JobNimbus, or whatever other CRM you use to Lead Scout to automatically generate these neighborhood prospect lists of owner occupied homes whenever a new appointment shows up in your CRM.

After you've finished your lead appointment in that neighborhood, pop open your Lead Scout mobile app to record a few notes about each neighboring home. And remember, always place a "leave-behind" at the door of each of these prospects before you exit the neighborhood, and take whatever opportunity you get to talk to the homeowners you run into.

The days of taking that extra time after each appointment to go grab a Wendy's frosty are gone. In 2023, sales reps need to maximize every minute.

The top 100 roofing companies all door knock religiously. If you ever want to be in that crowd, you need to figure out a way to crack that nut. So get your sales team out of their trucks for an extra 10 minutes around each lead appointment they run and have them knock a few doors, EVERY time they run an appointment.

Chatbots + Instant Quotes

When prospective customers see you on Google or get to your website, they should have easy access to the ability to generate an instant quote. Do this by adding a chatbot on your website that offers not only customer support, but also a chat-based interface for generating a good-better-best quote instantaneously.

This will accomplish two things:

  1. Get rid of tire-kickers so you don't waste your time on price shoppers.

  2. Give you valuable information on genuine leads that you can use in your sales follow-ups and appointments, or eventually to retarget leads gone cold with marketing.

Chat-based instant quotes are an intuitive way for your website visitors to be guided step-by-step through the project estimate process. Here are a few good instant estimator services for roofers, landscapers and other home improvement contractors:

  • Service Bot - Quote engine for any service or contractor

  • Roofr - Instant Estimator for roofers

  • Roofle - Instant Quote Pro for roofers

Or you can pretty quickly build your own chatbot with a no-code tool like Landbot or Bubble to build your own workflow!

Stay ahead of the pack in 2023

This blog is a list of 2023 trends and is not meant to replace the core lead generation tactics you already should be using, like a robust Google My Business profile, a system for generating 5-star customer reviews and customer referrals, participating in local events and tradeshows, capturing project before and after photography, door knocking and canvassing, and staying active with digital marketing and social media.

By leveraging AI content, posting project work publicly, creating opportunity around each appointment, and providing instant quotes embedded on your website or in a chatbots, you will not only remain competitive, but you'll also outpace the competition when it comes to generating more leads and growing your business.

So get started with these tactics today and stay ahead of the pack with lead generation for your home services company!

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